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Questions To Ask When Making A Checklist Before Traveling

Checklist before traveling is one of the most vital part of a journey making. This blog post consists of a number of checklist to help you with your planning. We have found it very helpful to keep all important information together in one place.

You may wish to add things to these checklist that you feel are important and ignore items that does not matter to you or concerns you.

Questions To Ask When Making An Airplane Reservation

It is always good to ask series of questions when one is making reservations especially before paying for airplane fares and reservations. The following questionnaires below will certainly be of help to a savvy traveler to make a checklist.

  • Is that the lowest fare? Are alternatives seating available and cheaper?
  • Will I get a better fare if I fly midweek or Saturday? Is there a corporate rate?
  • Is there a discount available for: frequently travelers? Retired persons? Students, children or military?
  • Is that the only airline seeing this airport? Are there any good standby possibilities?
  • Would it be cheaper to fly into or out of an adjacent airport? What are the restrictions – When do I make my reservation or purchase my ticket? Is there a penalty if I cancel?
  • Is it non-stop flight or direct? What are the stops and how long will the be? If it is a connecting flight, do I have at least 45 minutes to make my connection?
  • What are the flight numbers? What type of aircraft is it?
  • May I have my seat consignment now? Aisle, window, smoking, non-smoking, far forward? Will a meal be served? Will there be a movie shown?Checklist Before Traveling

Questions To Ask When Making A Hotel Reservation

Hotel reservations varies in different countries, towns and locations and it is very necessary to always put it to consideration that you might spend lesser than your known location or even higher.

Hotels have their different specifications depending on the kind of services that they offer there or the availability of resources during your stay in your preferred location.

That is why it is always important and necessary to look up the hotels around the location where you are going to and make sure it suites your plan and pocket. Be sure that the hotel is on a low budget.

The following questionnaires would help you know what to consider when making a hotel reservation for yourself before traveling.

  • What is the daily rate? Weekly rate? Is there a corporate discount? A discount for retired person? For families?
  •  Is the hotel a participant in any frequent flyer programs? Is there a surcharge for a single traveler?
  • Are there any perks for frequent guest?
  • Where is the hotel located – in the business district (convenient to where appointments are)? In a quiet part of a town? Within walking or cab distance of popular restaurants or theatres? On or near the beach? Near the ski slopes?
  • Does public transport serve the hotel? What are the parking arrangements? What is the daily parking rate?
  • Is there a restaurant in the hotel? What are the room service hours?
  • Does the hotel have recreational facilities – pool? Hot tub? Sauna? Fitness? Club? Tennis court? Others?
  • What are the fire safety precautions? What floor will the room be on? What is the check out time? Is there an express checkout service?

Questions To Ask Before Renting A Car

Most people prefer renting a vehicle whenever they travel to ease the stress of transportation especially waiting for buses when they are attending serious business meetings, the hassles and struggles of public transportation systems even if it may vary from different countries.

Checklist Before Traveling

The following questionnaires would be of great help for those renting cars if put into consideration:

  • What is the best deal you have? The best weekend deal? Any special this week? What is the mileage charge?
  • Can the car be picked up at the airport? Where is the lot in relation to the terminal? Is there a shuttle service to and from the terminal? Can the car be dropped off at the airport? Can it be dropped off in another city, and if so, is there a charge for this?
  • Is there a corporate charge or rate? How much for insurance (total)? Will my own insurance policy cover this?
  • Is there a special rate for different types of car? For members of certain organizations? For extended travel?
  • What is the car make and model? Is it a luxury car? Jeep? Van? Camper? Does the car have any special features: air-conditioning, front wheel drive, infant car seat, hand control or wheel chair ramp? If it is a station wagon or hatchback, does it have a panel that conceals luggage packed inside?

Checklist Before Traveling: A Full Guide Package

Every step of preparation for a trip can be exciting, yet all too often things get out of until the last minute, when you are in a mad rush. Here is a schedule to guide you in readying everything for a big trip in plenty of time.

Twelve To Ten Months Before  Departure Date:

Make inquiries about where you are going by looking it up on the Internet.

– Make plane, boat and/or train reservations.

– But a guidebook or two that focuses on the areas you will wish to visit.

– Start developing your itinerary.

– Start making inquiries about hotel rates in case of making reservations.

– Obtain an International Certificate of Vaccination from the Ministry of Health in your country.

Four Months Before Departure Date:

– Have passport photos take.

– Find out about car rental, train passes, other internal travel arrangements.

– Begin learning the language especially some commonly used words or phrases.

– Purchase a phrasebook or instructional tape.

Three Months Before Departure Date:

– Apply for passport and, once you have your passport, visa.

– Schedule an appointment with your physician for four to six weeks before you leave. You will need a complete physical examination. You should also determine if you need any shots and/or medication.

– Make an appointment for a dental checkup and cleaning.

Two Months Before Departure Date:

– Call or write the consulates of the countries or state tourist department you will be visiting for more information.

– Make a list of the things you will take with you.

– Begin collecting addresses of the people you know living abroad.

– Examine insurance policies. Take out additional coverage if desired. Make sure auto, fire and other policies are up to date.

– If you need new shoes for the trip, buy them now, and start breaking them in.

One Month Before Departure Date:

– If you have not received your passport and visa by now, you should inquire

– Order foreign currency through your bank for your need upon arrival.

– Call you airline for advance seat arrangement.

– Have prescription filled for extra glasses, contact lenses, or any medication you might need.

– Have a complete physical examination.

– If you are going to be inoculated against typhoid, you must have to your first shot now; and your second shot in four weeks. If you need a yellow fever shot, you may get it now also.

– Make plans to board your pets, have your lawn mowed or driveway pillowed, and have your mail picked.

Two Weeks Before Departure Date:

– Contact a reliable neighbor or friend and let them know you will be gone. Arrange to leave this person your itinerary, car license number, house key. Get this person’s address and telephone number.

– Double check all travel arrangements to make sure you have not forgotten anything.

– If you are going to have a cholera shot, you might as well get your first one now. Start taking anti-malarial medication as well.

One Week Before Departure Date:

– Pick up your traveler’s check.

– Arrange to discontinue newspaper, milk, UPS and other deliveries until further notice. Arrange for the post office to hold your mail if no one will pick it up for you.

– Inform your police department of when you are leaving and when you are returning. Let the. Knowing your neighbor has your house keys.

– Make a trial pack to see if everything fits.

– Get your second cholera shot now.

– Telephone your travel agent to find out when you may pick up your ticket.

Three Days To The D-Day Departure Date:

– Confirm your international flight.

– Pick up tickets if possible.

– Gather items to be packed. Make sure everything is clear, has working batteries and so on. If you are the last minute type, start packing now.

– Check what time your flight is and arrive at the airport to check in on time.

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