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Travels: Tips To Take Note While At The Airport For First Timers

Following the airline’s instructions regarding when to arrive at the airport. Especially with a foreign flight, you will need the extra time – two hours and more for passing through the security check which can be very slow during the holiday season and for clearing customs.

If you are there a little early, relax and enjoy the airport’s shops and facilities and the opportunities for marvelous people watching.

When you arrive at the airport, check updated information on when the flight will leave. If there is a line at the ticket counter, telephone the airline either on a courtesy phone or on the airline’s toll free number.

If there is going to be a long delay, and you cannot afford to wait, immediately begin checking with a different airline for another flight. It is always an experience that you can nearly always get out.

If an international flight is seriously delayed, do not pass through security and passport control too soon, or you may be stuck in a departure lounge with many fellow passengers and few facilities.

If you are late, you do not have your ticket yet and you need to check your baggage, go to the front of the line and calmly explain your situation to the person waiting there.

The person may be waiting for the same flight. If he or she refuses to let you go ahead, you must appeal to the ticket agent or to the next person in line. If there is anyone else behind the counter, he or she may be able to ticket you. Be sure you have all necessary documents in your hand.

It is always a sickening feeling to arrive at the ticket counter only to have the agent say, ‘Your flight has been called. You had better run’. Many persons have had this experience especially that of a close call, yet have always made their flights.

The usual reasons people give for missing planes are that their connecting flight was late, they were caught in a huge holiday crush either on the road or at the airport – or they lingered too long in the duty free shop. Most of these problems can be avoided with careful planning.

If your connecting plane is late, inform the ground personnel as soon as you arrive at the gate and ask them to telephone the connecting gate or airline. Airlines do make an effort to hold a flight for confirmed passengers, if they know they are on their way.

Once you are in the airport, there are TV monitors listing flight arrivals and departures and there will be numerous announcements (TWA Flight 326 non-stop to Hong Kong is now ready for boarding; Flight 326 is now boarding; Last call for Flight 326; Flight 326 now departing)

The number of airports with facilities for parent traveling with children is increasing. Ask at an information desk where you can change or nurse your baby. Some airports as for example, London’s Heathrow have actual nurseries with cribs, toys and trained staffs.

At the airport

Every airport has medical services to handle emergencies ranging from infirmaries to full scale hospitals. Ask any member of the airport or airline staff.

How To Handle Your Luggage At The Airport

Only a tiny percentage of the luggage taken aboard airplanes is lost or even misplaced but because of the volume of bags involved, it is possible and it can surely happen to anybody. There are certain things you can do to increase the likelihood that your bag will end up where you do.

When you pack your luggage, make a list of everything in each suitcase. I your suitcase goes astray; you may need to identify everything in it. And if it gets lost you will want a list of the content on order to make a claim for compensation. Make a copy of each list and keep one inside each bag to serve as check list every time you repack.

Inside each item of luggage, place a label with your name and address. Add a copy of your itinerary, with dates and addresses, so that anyone finding your missing suitcase can easily track you down.

Lock every bag. If your suitcase is of a very common type, be sure to add some sort of conspicuous identification – stickers with your initials, contrasting tape or a strap. Many experienced travelers strap their luggage so that it will not burst open if it is handled roughly.

Remove old airline tags, which can confuse luggage handlers and send your suitcase where you went on your last trip.

When you check your luggage, be sure you see the agent tag each bag. Make sure each item is checked through to your final destination, if possible (note that the airline abbreviation is correct) and that you have the matching baggage claims check in your possession.

Tips To Increase Luggage Safety

1. Make a list of every item packed in each bag. Keep one copy at home, and tape the other to the inside cover of the suitcase.

2. Write out your itinerary with dates and addresses and place a copy inside each bag

3. Label each bag inside and out

4. Do not carry valuables inside your checked luggage

5. Do not carry liquids, cigarette lighters or matches in your checked luggage

6. Make sure your luggage has a lock and it is always locked properly with the right key or password that you can remember.

7. If your luggage is of a common type, give it some easily identifiable personalization using a contrasting tape or a safety strap.

8. If your luggage is old or overstuffed, fasten a strap around it to keep it from opening.

9. Allow plenty of time for check-in.

10. Remove all old tags and stickers from your bag.

11. Check your suitcase through to your final destination if possible.

12. Never leave your bag unattended.

13. As soon as your retrieve your bag from the baggage carousel, check the lock.

14. Do not leave your bags visible in a parked car.

Security Tips While At The Airport

Although, security clearance seems like an annoying inconvenience, it is vitally important in keeping your flight safe. If passengers cooperate the procedure should be smooth and efficient.

At the airport

The security officer will examine your carry-ons and handbags with X-ray equipment. You will pass through a metal detector. Sometimes, a jackknife in your pocket will set off the alarm and for this reason you may want to pack it in your luggage.

Some countries are more vigilant than others. At some airports, passengers will be personally searched for weapons by male or female security guards. They will even search your baby’s stroller. Sometimes, your luggage is searched before it is placed on the aircraft.

Do not make jokes about terrorism. Security personnel will not find any of these funny

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